Saturday, December 19, 2009

Language crisis :) :)

People in Mumbai say whenever a south Indian people talk English or Hindi....

“ooops u r a southindian? (normally they don’t use “Southindian”they use Madraaaasi).

it became funny question specially when that question coming from a people who is having heavy Northindian tone or Gujrati tone.

In each region has its own tone and accent. But I found very funny when people tease each other about others accent.

Earliar when I was staying as paying guest ,whenever I browse some TV channels and if I watch Tamil channel roommates used to say “Arey didi ye appka channel hey na ? So I used to patiently reply “ No its Tamil , this is not my language my language is Malayalam.

So I get reply simply like this "arey ek hi to baat hey?

There I used to loose my temper. There were lots of time I fought with them... Then slowly I used to tell my self one malayalama saying:
” enne thallanda ammava njaan nere yaavilla”.

Now things are different the same type of incidents happens even now a days, but my reply is different I say “Yep it’s my language be it Telugu /Kannada/ or Tamil or Malayalam I say Yes friends it’s my language.


Aaj kal mein ache hindi mein vaaartaalaaap karne ki koshish kar rahi hu…. :)

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