Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rajmohan Unnithan..... Is that such a big issue???

Rajmohan Unnithan..... Is that such a big issue???

I don’t know what he done is wrong or rite? i don’t know the lady who was with him is his girlfriend . Police arrested him for "immoral trafficking"

There are thousand of people are here doing this type of immoral trafficking in india. Why society is not behind each and every person ? or he is paying this price just because he is a politician?

I think this is not fare. As far as, this is consensual sex. If both persons are not having any issue then how can be this immoral trafficking. Or my understanding this term “immoral trafficking “ is wrong?

But still I feel it is seriously interfering one's private life. Or

I wonder when will this type of “sadachara bodham “ will go from malayalies mind?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Language crisis :) :)

People in Mumbai say whenever a south Indian people talk English or Hindi....

“ooops u r a southindian? (normally they don’t use “Southindian”they use Madraaaasi).

it became funny question specially when that question coming from a people who is having heavy Northindian tone or Gujrati tone.

In each region has its own tone and accent. But I found very funny when people tease each other about others accent.

Earliar when I was staying as paying guest ,whenever I browse some TV channels and if I watch Tamil channel roommates used to say “Arey didi ye appka channel hey na ? So I used to patiently reply “ No its Tamil , this is not my language my language is Malayalam.

So I get reply simply like this "arey ek hi to baat hey?

There I used to loose my temper. There were lots of time I fought with them... Then slowly I used to tell my self one malayalama saying:
” enne thallanda ammava njaan nere yaavilla”.

Now things are different the same type of incidents happens even now a days, but my reply is different I say “Yep it’s my language be it Telugu /Kannada/ or Tamil or Malayalam I say Yes friends it’s my language.


Aaj kal mein ache hindi mein vaaartaalaaap karne ki koshish kar rahi hu…. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

ooops he is doing it again....!!!!

ooops he is doing it again....!!!!

one day i will win over him .. he is playing hide and seek with me from past few months. i am trying my level best to take him with me everyday. and my level best to give him tight hugg so that he will not run away from me.... but always always he won.

he used to to do this 3 yrs before also, but that time i controlled him...
Now again ....

i am trying to give all temptations to him..
like good dreams and huggs and kisses.... still i think he is angry....
one of my friend sugestd me to take medicines so that he comes to me....
i dont wanna that ....i just dont want to addict to medicines for him....
ooooos i think i didnt tell you whts is "his " name ....

its my "sleep " friends .... i started feeling that i became a sleeping disorder person.
By the way what you guys thought???

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Nothing happens unless first a dream


When i was young i used to see one dream not once but lots of times. standing alone in a desert and and just vanishing my self n sand . i never understood why i was seeing this dream. That time i always wanted to learn how to analyse one's dream.

once one my friend Z told me ,”dear i think i m going to die ... i laughed at her and asked her “why? did god came and told you that you are going to die? she replied me very seriously “yes , he came as my dream and giving me signals tat i m going to die” . i just ignored . i didnt see her nextr 4 days, next morning i got a call from one of my other friend and told me Z died in a car accident . i was shocked and all our previous talk came to my mind .... i really didnt know how to react that time....

Why i writting this again? Bcoz i saw my earliar dream again yesterday ... standing alone in a desert and vanishing in sand. In my dream , i was trying to escape from there. when i woke up i feel like i was struggling to get out that dream or i was struggling to get out of sand ....

is this any type of signal?Only god knows???