Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Nothing happens unless first a dream


When i was young i used to see one dream not once but lots of times. standing alone in a desert and and just vanishing my self n sand . i never understood why i was seeing this dream. That time i always wanted to learn how to analyse one's dream.

once one my friend Z told me ,”dear i think i m going to die ... i laughed at her and asked her “why? did god came and told you that you are going to die? she replied me very seriously “yes , he came as my dream and giving me signals tat i m going to die” . i just ignored . i didnt see her nextr 4 days, next morning i got a call from one of my other friend and told me Z died in a car accident . i was shocked and all our previous talk came to my mind .... i really didnt know how to react that time....

Why i writting this again? Bcoz i saw my earliar dream again yesterday ... standing alone in a desert and vanishing in sand. In my dream , i was trying to escape from there. when i woke up i feel like i was struggling to get out that dream or i was struggling to get out of sand ....

is this any type of signal?Only god knows???

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  1. Dreams should be treated fair.
    After all it comes from within.
    It's the basis of life itself.
    In pure economics some one's dream is the others life!!