Friday, March 12, 2010

its been few weeks i cheked blogs. from past one week life is changing .... unexpectd contact with old friend...

my diabetic level became very high in last month... and yes i m in big trouble as far as my health is concern. just dont know how to deal with this.

i started missing my friend janani.... i miss the years i spent with her in our payingguest.......

i hope i can get over from illness in this week


  1. Landed upon your blog by chance, i'n sure you already know but try to include bitter food like pavakka, ulluva , dry nellika etc in your diet for controlling your diabetics

  2. Hope you get well soon ! You may already know this, but one of my friends husband who is a diabetic, eats soaked almonds first thing in the morning to help control blood sugar and also takes methi seeds (either as powder or soaked, in the morning )in addition to healthy diet and exercise, it has worked for him and his blood sugar is in control now.